“That’s it”, art no limits

EGIDIO, the piece of art designed by Roberto Fassone

The artistic exhibition in Bologne, Italy, presented on the occasion of the big event for the inaugural coming of the new Director of MAMBO, Lorenzo Balbi, is a collective of 56 art objects realized by artists or group of artists born after 1980, and related somehow to Italy.

The MBM Biliardi realized a unique Billiard table, “EGIDIO”, designed by the internationally renowned artist Roberto Fassone, for the event Do ut Do, an annual charity event organized by the Foundation Seragnoli.

The concept of the billiard table is explained on it. Graven on a brass plate:

“Every time a ball falls into this pocket someone in the world radically changes his mind about an important issue”

The Pool table, with its embossed legs in precious wood, it is exposed at the Mambo, the Museum of Modern Art, during the contemporary exhibition, and MBM Biliardi is proud to invite you to visit the exhibition, open until the end of November 2018 in Bologne, Italy.

EGIDIO is a real sculpture realized by MBM Biliardi and designed by the International artist Roberto Fassone.

An artwork that will be re-produced in a LIMITED EDITION, 100 pieces realized only for special customers who loves art.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Mambo and his Director Lorenzo Balbi, the sculpture already reached an international audience, and the attention of the most important art critics.


If you are interested to have more info about the possibility to become an exclusive owner of a limited edition piece of art.

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